New ticketing system

The switch to the new südtirolmobil ticketing system is already in full swing.

During this transition, different conditions of use apply to different tickets.

Top tip: Mobile tickets are always a great solution! If you buy your tickets and check in online using the südtirolmobil app, you no longer need ticket machines or validation devices – you’ll already have a valid ticket in your pocket.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Which tickets can I use?

Contactless tickets

  • Südtirol Pass, Euregio Family Pass, Südtirol Pass abo+, Südtirol Pass 65+: the passes can be topped up on regional buses (in cash), online and at all südtirolmobil ticket offices. It is even easier to pay for journeys by postpaid mode, i.e. by SEPA direct debit.
  • Mobilcards: Contactless Mobilcards can be checked in as before.

Other types of tickets:

  • Pre-paid cards: Pre-paid cards are no longer available since 1 August 2023. Old cards with unused credit can be returned at some südtirolmobil sales points within one year since they were last used. Any remaining credit will be refunded (info here).
  • Single tickets:
    • regional buses: Single tickets available on board;
    • urban buses: Tickets are available on board the buses, at the südtirolmobil ticket offices and from ticket machines.
  • Group tickets: Tickets available on board regional buses.
  • Südtirol Guest Pass: The ticket is validated using the QR code.
  • Single tickets and Mobilcard with magnetic stripe: validated by showing your card to the staff in charge. Please enter the date and time manually.
  • Day passes for urban buses in Bolzano/Bozen and Merano/Meran: only available through the südtirolmobil app. Day passes cannot be bought on board or from südtirolmobil ticket offices.
  • Euregio 2 Plus: Available online via the südtirolmobil app and at ticket offices. Tickets are also available on board the buses.
New ticket validation devices: how do I validate my ticket?

How do I validate my contactless ticket?

All tickets with the “contactless” symbol must be validated by approaching the sensor of the validating machine where the corresponding symbol is located. For those who prefer a smarter option, the südtirolmobil app allows you to validate your journey with a simple click.

It is now also possible to validate the transport of bicycles or pets at the new validating machines with the various Südtirol Passes.

How do I validate my ticket with a QR code?

The latest generation of validating machines with QR codes are now in use in stations and buses. Validation is simple: place the ticket at the bottom of the machine and wait for the green OK on the screen and the beep.

How do I validate the transport of my bicycle or pet?

With the new validating machines it is now possible to validate the transport of bicycles or pets with the different Südtirol Passes. We recommend that you purchase your bike or pet ticket (day pass for transporting bikes) directly online via the südtirolmobil app.


Incorrect charge – now what?

If you’ve been charged the wrong amount, please e-mail us at or call us: +39 0471 220 880. Any incorrect charges will be refunded.

Activation of new ticket machines

Brand-new südtirolmobil ticket machines are operating at all 55 train station across South Tyrol. In Bolzano central station there are now two new ticket machines for purchasing train tickets and for recharging Alto Adige Passes (prepaid). Further functions will soon be available; in bus stations, the ticket machines are not yet active.

If you take the train from a station without a functioning ticket machine, inform the train conductor at the start of your journey so that you can buy your ticket on the train without a surcharge.

Receive push notifications

Receive notifications for your preferred stops, routes and lines. These settings can be deactivated at any time in your browser.