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Refunds and credit

Our customer service is always there for you

Not everything always goes according to plan – every system can have the occasional technical glitch. If you find that our tickets or machines don't work: The südtirolmobil customer service is always there for you.

Applying for a refund: If you have irrefutably been charged the wrong fare, the corresponding amount will be credited to your Südtirol Pass or refunded as bank transfer. You can apply for a refund by downloading and filling in this form in German or Italian. All claims will be considered individually.

Download form to claim a refund

Faulty tickets that are not visibly damaged but which the validation machines cannot read can simply be replaced at any südtirolmobil ticket counter with a new ticket of the same type. Any remaining credit will be transferred to the new pre-paid ticket.

Refunds and replacements are available for unused single tickets at any südtirolmobil ticket counter until up to one year after they expire. Amounts worth 10 EUR or more can be refunded in cash. If your remaining credit is less than 10 EUR, it can be transferred to a new pre-paid card within one year after the old one expired.

Südtirol Pass and Euregio Family Pass: If you do not wish to renew your pre-paid Südtirol Pass, simply return it at any südtirolmobil ticket counter and ask for a refund of any remaining credit.

Delays and cancellations

If a journey cannot be made or completed due to unforeseeable events or for a reason outside our control, passengers are not as a general rule entitled to a refund of the ticket price or to have the validity of the ticket extended.

Trains: If a train journey is delayed by more than 60 minutes between the points of departure and destination indicated on the ticket, passengers can apply for compensation provided that the ticket price has not yet been refunded. Compensations are 25% of the ticket price for delays between 60 and 119 minutes and 50% of the ticket price for delays of 120 minutes or more.

You are not entitled to compensation if you have been informed of the delay before purchasing your ticket or if, upon arrival at your destination, the delay does not exceed 60 minutes because you have continued your journey on another service or because you have changed route. No compensation is due for amounts under 4 EUR.

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