A person is buying a ticket at a ticket machine on the bus. You can see a hand, which is inserting a coin in the machine.

Bus tickets

Buying your ticket on the bus

On all regional and Citybus services, you can buy a number of tickets from the driver: Available options include single tickets, pre-paid cards and day passes to transport bicycles.

On SASA urban buses in and around Bolzano/Bozen and Merano/Meran, tickets can only be bought from the on-board ticket machines and include:

Please note that no change is given on SASA buses: The on-board ticket machines require the exact change.

Some urban buses in Bolzano/Bozen are not equipped with ticket machines, therefore it is not possible to buy tickets on board. They are easily recognised by a "No ticket machine" sticker on the front set of doors.

Please note that only single tickets and night passes for Nightliner services are available on Nightliner buses.