Pusteria/Pustertal valley: 150 years of train history

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Fancy a train ride back in time? Then save this date: On Saturday 2 October 2021, we’re celebrating 150 years of rail-road history in the Pusteria/Pustertal valley.

In November 1871, the first trains began operating between Villach and Fortezza/Franzensfeste as part of the Südbahn-Gesellschaft, a company serving the Austro-Hungarian Empire’s Southern Railway line. With a whole new selection of guests arriving in the Pusteria/Pustertal valley by train, some places quickly developed into the first burgeoning tourist centres. Between 1985 and 1989, the railway line was electrified. Following considerable modernisation works starting in 2008, new crossing points were added alongside additional stops, new vehicles and the introduction of half-hourly services.

Full steam ahead

On Saturday 2 October 2021, STA – Südtiroler Transportstrukturen AG/Strutture Trasporto Alto Adige SpA – and RFI, the Italian rail network operator, will hold a small anniversary celebration highlighting the historical and ongoing significance of the Pusteria/Pustertal valley railway – and there’s something in it for everyone: A custom-made colouring book marking the occasion will be delivered to all kindergartens and the first two years of all primary schools throughout the valley. Plus, with a historic train set provided by Fondazione FS, it really is full steam ahead – quite literally! The museum train will make its way from Fortezza/Franzensfeste to San Candido/Innichen in the morning and return to Fortezza/Franzensfeste in the afternoon, with the morning journey divided into three sections and the afternoon one into two.

Seats are limited – register now for the section of your choice

The journey on this highlight train is free, but because passenger numbers are limited, reservations must be made in advance. On board, in accordance with the measures to curb the spread of coronavirus, all passengers are required to wear a surgical mask. In addition, anyone aged 12 or over must have a COVID-19 vaccination certificate (Green Pass).

Please note that you can only book one section at a time and for a maximum of four passengers. Boarding is only possible at the selected departure station: Fortezza/Franzensfeste, Brunico/Bruneck or Monguelfo/Welsberg for the morning journey and San Candido/Innichen or Brunico/Bruneck for the return journey in the afternoon.

Outward journey (morning): 

  • Fortezza/Franzensfeste – Brunico/Bruneck (9:14 – 10:12) 
  • Brunico/Bruneck – Monguelfo/Welsberg (10:48 – 11:37)
  • Monguelfo/Welsberg – San Candido/Innichen (12:20 – 13:25) 

Return journey (afternoon): 

  • San Candido/Innichen – Brunico/Bruneck (14:15 – 16:13) 
  • Brunico/Bruneck – Fortezza/Franzensfeste (16:49 – 17:53) 

For this commemorative train journey, passengers will be issued a special ticket free of charge, which is only valid for the section booked in advance. To continue your journey or to return to your departing station, simply take any of the regular trains of the Pusteria/Pustertal valley railway. Please remember to purchase a südtirolmobil ticket or use your Südtirol Pass.

For more information and to book a seat, please visit this page

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