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Push notifications: always up-to-date

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Train connection cancelled today? Your bus departs five minutes earlier starting from tomorrow? Keeping up with public transport news can be crucial. With südtirolmobil push notifications, you will never miss out on key alerts again: about your preferred bus route, train line or stop – and on all the latest public mobility news.

The service will be rolled out with the next update of your südtirolmobil app available from early February. One quick glance at your smartphone and you’re up to date on anything from changed departure time for your preferred journeys to cancellations and disruptions in bus and rail transport. Plus, we’ll let you know if your stop is temporarily unavailable and inform you of any changes affecting your Südtirol Pass or local public transport journey in general. To receive instant notifications, simply go to your passenger profile either on our website or in the app, click on the icon in the top right-hand corner and subscribe.

While in recent years, increased emphasis was put on expanding public transport services on a major scale, the current focus is on improving the quality and scope of passenger information. To that end, the new südtirolmobil Service and Information Centre collects and processes any information regarding public transport submitted by the different operators and mobility partners, turning it into instant news and alerts for passengers. The service is available from Monday to Friday – and at weekends in the case of major traffic disruptions. Introducing push notifications is another key milestone: They are our “direct line” to passengers and all südtirolmobil users. Whether you’re a commuter, a pupil, student or even someone who only occasionally travels by bus and train: Reliable information is absolutely essential when using public transport. And the sooner you’re up-to-date, the more time you save.

So don’t forget to update your app and subscribe to receive customised push notifications – so we can keep you up to date.

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