Provincia e RFI stanno firmando ii verbale di consegna

Brunico/Bruneck: train station building changes hands

Transfer protocol signed by RFI and South Tyrolean government

STA – Südtiroler Transportstrukturen AG/Strutture Trasporto Alto Adige SpA – is all set to take over: The transfer includes the main building complete with all office facilities, the ticket office and any waiting rooms.

Following the signing of the transfer protocol only a few days ago, the Italian rail network operator RFI has officially handed over to the Provincial Government all of two buildings pertaining to Brunico/Bruneck train station. The agreement was formalised in the presence of South Tyrol Minister for Mobility Daniel Alfreider alongside Martin Vallazza, head of the Provincial Government’s Mobility Department, Giuseppe Brusamolin, the officer for station buildings in Northeast Italy at RFI and Roland Griessmair, the mayor of Brunico/Bruneck.

“With the STA’s takeover of the buildings, we are making key progress in terms of modernising the railroad infrastructure throughout South Tyrol – and it is another crucial step towards establishing a new Mobility Centre in Brunico/Bruneck”, as Mobility Minister Alfreider explained.

Brusamolin stressed that RFI was also keen to modernise existing railway structures and that in the coming years it would continue to work on improving the link between South Tyrolean stations with cities both within Italy and abroad. Since the transfer of railway structures started in 2005, he explained, RFI had handed over a total of 26 structures to the government of South Tyrol thanks to a series of agreements. The buildings located in Brunico/Bruneck were the largest and most significant objects in the Pusteria/Pustertal valley, he added.

STA has been in charge of construction works to remodel Brunico/Bruneck train station and its surroundings since 2020. With the project scheduled to be completed by next spring, the current stage has seen construction and fitting works on the central building containing the waiting rooms. Up next: BikeBox parking facilities for bicycles. On a total of just over 22.000 m2, the new Mobility Centre in the capital of the Pusteria/Pustertal valley also lies at the intersection of a whopping 16 bus routes. Once completed, Brunico/Bruneck train station will be accessible on four dedicated access roads, a new subway and a bridge. The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund ERDF.





Im Bild v.l.: Martin Vallazza, Daniel Alfreider, Giuseppe Brusamolin und Roland Griessmair

( Foto: LPA)

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