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Euregio Family Pass

Cheap travel throughout South Tyrol combined with many discounts

Euregio Family Passes are personalised, annual smart cards or electronic tickets with reduced fares on all means of public transport across all of South Tyrol. Any parent or legal guardian of at least one underage child is entitled to a Euregio Family Pass. The ticket itself works much like a Südtirol Pass: The more kilometres you travel throughout one year, the cheaper each new journey gets.

Fares are calculated per journey and automatically charged whenever you use your pass. You can either pay by direct debit from your bank account (post-paid ticket version) or top up your pass with credit and pay as you go (pre-paid ticket version).

Euregio Family Pass holders are also entitled to a range of discounts and offers in many shops, museums etc. across South Tyrol, Trentino and Tyrol. For a full list of where to claim your discount, please visit www.provinz.bz.it/familypass.

Convenient and flexible – use your Euregio Family Pass:

  • throughout the entire südtirolmobil network and on regional trains all the way to Trento,
  • on cross-border train services (Brennero/Brenner – Innsbruck and San Candido/Innichen or Versciaco/Vierschach – Lienz) at the official VVT/ÖBB rate. If you have an ÖBB-Vorteilscard, simply register it in your user account to claim your discount;
  • to pay for transporting your bike or
  • to pay for transporting a pet and
  • to travel on Nightliner bus services.

Please note that the pass is not valid on long-distance or high-speed rail services (EC, Freccia, Italo, Railjet etc.).

If you live in South Tyrol and are the legal guardian or parent of at least one underage child, you can apply for your Euregio Family Pass online. South Tyroleans with at least one underage child who are registered in the A.I.R.E.(register of Italians living abroad) of a South Tyrolean municipality can apply for their Euregio Family Pass by sending an e-mail to suedtirolpass@suedtirolmobil.info

Each adult must apply for their Euregio Family Pass individually and in person.

Apply for your Euregio Family Pass

Fares and fees

The cost of a bus or train ride is calculated on the basis of how many kilometres you have accumulated and which one out of five price categories applies: the more you travel, the lower the fare per kilometre in your price category. In other words, as the year passes and you collect mileage, your journeys gradually become cheaper. After a full year has passed since you first activated your Euregio Family Pass, the clock is reset and you start off once again with the first-level price category.

This is how your fare is calculated:

Price category   Fare per km
1 1 – 1000 km 10 cents
2 1001 – 2000 km 7 cents
3 2001 – 10,000 km 2 cents
4 10,001 – 20,000 km 2 cents
5 from 20,001 km 0 cents
  Maximum amount per year 530 EUR

The minimum fare per journey is equal to 10 km in your respective price category. For connecting bus journeys in all of South Tyrol except Bolzano/Bozen and Merano/Meran, a minimum fare (5 km in your respective price category) will be charged.

Citybus services and urban buses in Bolzano/Bozen and Merano/Meran: All journeys within 60 minutes made in the same fare zone are charged as a single journey.

Maximum amount per day: 15 EUR. All fares per day are capped at 15 EUR, meaning that however many journeys you make in one day, you won't pay more than the price of a Mobilcard. Additional charges apply for cross-border train services (Brennero/Brenner – Innsbruck and San Candido/Innichen – Lienz), Nightliner bus journeys and if you're travelling with pets or a bike.

How to apply for a Euregio Family Pass

To order your Euregio Family Pass online, you will need to provide:

  • details of the person applying,
  • an Italian tax ID (codice fiscale/Steuernummer)*
  • a digital copy or photo of your ID card or passport,
  • your bank details (IBAN, BIC/Swift code, bank name and branch), if you would like to pay by direct debit.

*If you do not already have an Italian tax ID (codice fiscale/Steuernummer), you can apply for one at the Italian revenue agency (Agenzia delle Entrate/Agentur der Einnahmen).

You can also use digital access keys when applying for your Euregio Family Pass online: either through SPID (Sistema Pubblico di Identità Digitale) or using your Carta dei Servizi/Bürgerkarte pass and reader. Please note that once you have opted for one of these methods, all future access will have to be made using a digital access key.

When ordering your Euregio Family Pass, please let us know if you would prefer to receive information by e-mail or text message (SMS) and how you would like to pay. The most convenient option is our post-paid system, where all charges are debited from your account via SEPA Direct Debit. Also available: the Südtirol Pass pre-paid system that you top up or "re-fill" regularly.

Once you've successfully ordered your Euregio Family Pass, it will be mailed to you together with information on to activate and use it.

Apply for your Euregio Family Pass

Your online user account

When you apply for your pass, we recommend setting up a personalised user account. Having your own account allows you to make the most of everything your Euregio Family Pass has to offer: All of our digital services can be processed through the portal, plus you can keep track of all your bus and train journeys, your mileage, your current fare price category, any top-up payments you have made and all received invoices. If you've been charged wrongly or if your journeys are not documented correctly, you can let us know and we will resolve the issue.

Südtirol Pass portal

Activating your Euregio Family Pass

Once you've successfully ordered your Euregio Family Pass online, it will be mailed to you and you will need to activate it:

  • online through your user account and with the number printed on your Euregio Family Pass,
  • at any authorised südtirolmobil ticket counter or sales point or
  • through our südtirolmobil Service and Information Centre on +39 0471 220 880 (Mon-Fri 8:00-18:00) using your Italian tax ID (codice fiscale/Steuernummer) and the number printed on your Euregio Family Pass.
Post-paid passes: invoicing and payment

If you’ve opted for an Euregio Family Pass with a post-paid contract and SEPA Direct Debit, your ticket expenses are automatically debited from your bank account every two months, or every four months if the total amounts to less than EUR 10.

In your user account, you can select and change at any time how you would like to have your invoices delivered: Receiving digital invoices online in your user account is free of charge. Receiving paper-based invoices by mail, with an optional list of all journeys made, costs EUR 2 per invoice.

How to top up a pre-paid pass

You can easily top up your pre-paid Euregio Family Pass:

  • by credit card (Visa or Mastercard) or pagoPA through your user account or online banking (authorised banks only),
  • at any authorised südtirolmobil ticket counter or sales point that offers top-up services,
  • at any ticket machine and
  • on board any regional bus service. Please note that in the latter case, it may take a few days for your credit to show in your account. In the meantime, you can continue using your Euregio Family Pass.

Minimum amount for top-ups: 20 EUR.

Minimum required credit: 10 EUR. If your remaining credit is less than 10 EUR, a warning will be displayed when you use your pass to indicate that your credit is running out.

Negative balance: If your credit goes below 0 EUR, you will no longer be able to top up your Euregio Family Pass on the bus. In that case, the top-up must be worth 30 EUR or more (10 EUR for the minimum credit required plus 20 EUR for the minimum amount for top-ups).

Validity and renewal

Your Euregio Family Pass is valid for one year from the day on which you first activate it. After a full year has passed, it is automatically extended for another year starting from the day on which you use it again: The clock and your mileage are automatically reset, meaning that you will once again start off with the first-level price category.

If you do not use your Euregio Family Pass for a whole subscription year, it will be automatically deactivated. You can reactivate it any time by simply calling the südtirolmobil Service and Information Centre at +39 0471 220 880 or by e-mailing us at contact@suedtirolmobil.info.

What to do when the kids turn 18

Discounted travel on Euregio Family Passes is available until the youngest child in the family turns 18. After that date, you can continue using the ticket, but the rate at which you will be charged will automatically switch to the standard Südtirol Pass rate per kilometre of your price category.

Need a replacement?

If your Euregio Family Pass is lost, stolen or damaged, you can order a replacement at the price of 20 EUR:

  • online through your user account,
  • at any südtirolmobil ticket counter or sales point or
  • through our südtirolmobil Service and Information Centre on +39 0471 220 880 (Mon-Fri 8:00-18:00).

Please note that once your order is submitted, it can no longer be cancelled.

If your Euregio Family Pass is not visibly damaged but worn out and/or no longer functional due to a defect, you can order a replacement from any südtirolmobil ticket office or sales point free of charge.

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