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Buy tickets and check in online

südtirolmobil online ticketing: your one-stop shop

To purchase a ticket online, all you need is two things: your smartphone and the südtirolmobil app. Visit our online ticket shop to find the right ticket for your journey. That way, you can travel flexibly throughout South Tyrol by bus and train and stay mobile at all times.

These tickets are available online:

  • single tickets for regional lines
  • single tickets for urban lines
  • day passes for urban lines
  • tickets to the Renon/Ritten cable-car and light railway
  • tickets to the Mendola/Mendel funicular
  • Nightliner tickets
  • Mobilcards
  • day passes for transporting bikes
  • Euregio 2 Plus day passes

How it works

Buy your ticket online

In the südtirolmobil app, click on the lila icon to go to the ticket shop and select the ticket you’d like to buy. Enter the name of the ticket holder and how many tickets you need. Then enter your credit card details to pay.

Please note: To buy a single ticket for a regional line, first open the online journey planner and select your journey or route. Tickets are device-bound and valid for a maximum of two months from the date of purchase.

How to check in

Once the purchase is complete, your digital ticket can be found in the ticket overview (“Ticket” icon). Before starting your journey, remember to check in and validate your ticket online. To do so, click on the “Check in and use” button. From that moment, the ticket will be displayed as an “Active journey” and you are ready to go.

Please note: the digital ticket is activated automatically as soon as the planned departure time is reached in the timetable.

Please note: If the purchased online ticket is valid for several journeys, you only need to check in once before your first journey. For all subsequent journeys, simply show your validated online ticket (“Active journey” with a green frame) to the bus driver or at the request of a ticket inspector.

How to show an “active journey”

When boarding a bus or during ticket inspection, simply show your “active journey” on your smartphone. To do so, click on the barcode icon. A green frame indicates an “active journey”, meaning that you have checked in successfully and your ticket is valid. The info displayed includes the time at which the ticket was validated and how much time has passed since then.

Bus drivers or ticket inspectors can push the blue “Check validity” button to verify the validity of your online ticket with the help of an in-built animation.

Keep in mind:

  • Children up to the age of 6 travel for free and do not need a ticket.
  • An additional ticket is required for bicycles as well as medium-sized and large dogs on all means of public transport. Please remember this when buying your ticket online! Click here for more information on transporting pets or bicycles.

Tickets available in our online ticket shop

Single ticket regional
For a single journey or one combining bus and train
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Urban tickets
Single ticket and day pass for urban bus lines
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Nightliner tickets
Safe travels by bus on a Saturday night
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Ritten cable-car, light railway and Mendel funicular
Unusual public transport with a special appeal
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Mobilcards for 1, 3 or 7 days
On holiday in South Tyrol? Sit back and let us drive you!
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Day pass for transporting bikes
Taking your bike on public transport? Here’s what to keep in mind
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Euregio 2 Plus day pass
Explore South Tyrol, Tyrol and Trentino by bus and train
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