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The best way to travel from home to school or work

Scuola-Pass/Schulpass tickets are free, personalised passes issued for a specific route and specific times. They are non-transferable and may not be used by another person.

The following Scuola-Pass/Schulpass types are available:

Scuola-Pass/Schulpass S: for students and pupils entitled to special school transport services or transport on regular public mobility services in order to travel to school. This ticket allows its holder to travel on school days along a pre-determined route between their home and school. The route and time during which the ticket is valid are printed on the ticket. Price: 20 EUR per year.

Südtirol Pass abo+ holders need to pay the annual fee only once; i.e. 20 EUR for both tickets. Pupils and students with a disability are entitled to a free Scuola-Pass/Schulpass S.

Scuola-Pass/Schulpass S tickets can be applied for by filling in the form made available to all schools by the competent authorities.

Scuola-Pass Schulpass O: for people with a disability or impairment participating in work integration programmes. This ticket is for people who are able to use public transport independently but do not qualify for a Südtirol Pass free. It grants free use of public transport on working days and along a pre-determined route that is printed on the pass, typically the distance between the ticket holder's home or place of residence and their workplace.

Anyone who receives assistance by a district authority (Comunità comprensoriale/Bezirksgemeinschaft) or who participates in a work integration programme can apply for a Scuola-Pass/Schulpass O through their competent authority, i.e. their employment centre, district authority (Comunità comprensoriale/Bezirksgemeinschaft) or the South Tyrol public health authority (Azienda sanitaria/Sanitätsbetrieb).

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