The Val Venosta/Vinschgau railway

Venosta/Vinschgau valley railway

2023: challenge accepted – let’s get started!

To keep the electrification works on the Venosta/Vinschgau valley train line running at full speed, from 5 June the tracks will be closed in the evenings and at weekends.

Three major tasks need to be completed in the coming months before the new electric trains can be rolled out in the Venosta/Vinschgau valley:  the tunnel construction works between Merano/Meran and Tel/Töll, the installation of more than 1,500 masts for the overhead line and, last but not least, the timetables and logistics of transporting passengers and bicycles.

The timetables have now been finalised, with significant efforts to take into account the tight schedule for the construction works on the one hand and, on the other hand, to uphold train services as far as possible – with a special focus on commuters and schoolchildren.

Merano/Meran – Tel/Töll: train services to resume this autumn

The tracks between Merano/Meran and Tel/Töll are expected to reopen to rail traffic in autumn 2023. By then, the current construction works on the tunnels should be completed. In the meantime, buses will continue to replace train services between Merano/Meran and Tel/Töll.

From 5 June: rail services from Monday to Friday

Monday 5 June marks the start of construction works to erect the poles for the overhead line along a stretch of almost 60 km between Merano/Meran and Malles/Mals. Trains will remain operable during the day on business days from Monday to Friday. In the late evenings and at weekends, however, the entire railway line will be closed off completely.


Services from 5 June until the end of 2023

On business days from Monday to Friday between 5 June 2023 and the end of the year, the last three train services to Malles/Mals and the last two train services to Tel/Töll and Merano/Meran will be suspended and replaced by bus services. Between 12 and 20 August, the same will also apply to Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

On all other Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, rail services in the Venosta/Vinschgau valley will be suspended altogether until the end of 2023. To cope with passenger numbers on those days, rail replacement services will run between Merano/Meran and Malles/Mals roughly every half hour on a continuous basis, departing from Malles/Mals between 4:50 and 21:00, and from Merano/Meran between 5:30 and 22:52.

Please note: These services (B250) will only stop at the train stations of Coldrano/Goldrain, Silandro/Schlanders, Lasa/Laas and Spondigna/Spondinig. In all other villages, they will call at individual bus stops along the main road through the Venosta/Vinschgau valley or in the village centres.


Bikes: separate transport services currently not available

Please note that separate transport services for bicycles along the rail line between Merano/Meran and Malles/Mals are currently not available, as the service could not be contracted out for spring 2023. Efforts are already under way to find a contractor to provide the bicycle transport service at a later date.

More information will follow shortly.

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