The new Mobility Centre a Bressanone/Brixen

Valle Isarco/Eisacktal and Alta Valle Isarco/Wipptal

More and smoother bus connections

Additional services on Sundays and public holidays and/or extra departures in the mornings and evenings: All this and more will be introduced on several bus routes serving the Valle Isarco/Eisacktal and Alta Valle Isarco/Wipptal valleys, including the 310 Vipiteno/Sterzing – Bressanone/Brixen service.

311: This service will run every half hour between Prati/Wiesen and Vipiteno/Sterzing, with an increase in the number of journeys on Sundays and public holidays.
312 Val Ridanna/Ridnaun – Vipiteno/Sterzing: On Sundays and public holidays, services will now be available every hour.
Citybus Vipiteno/Sterzing: In the evenings, this service will now also run every half hour.
315 Telves/Telfes – Vipiteno/Sterzing: Midday services will be available on all weekdays.

Plenty of news for Bressanone/Brixen

A whole series of novelties will be launched in and around Bressanone/Brixen: On the 330 Val di Funes/Villnöss route, a continuous hourly service will now be available all year round until the later evening hours. The line will also be extended to Rifugio Zannes/Zanserhütte in both summer and winter and run via S. Pietro/St. Peter and the industrial park of Bressanone/Brixen in both directions. In addition, the timetables are now better coordinated to match train connections.

320.2 Citybus Bressanone/Brixen: On this new route, services will also call at Millan/Milland cemetery.
322: This service to S. Leonardo/St. Leonhard will now also run on Saturday afternoons.
The timetables of the 321 Plancios/Palmschoss and the 325 Luson/Lüsen services will be moved by approx. 30 minutes each to ensure a better connection with train services at Bressanone/Brixen station. There will also be additional journeys later in the evening, plus an increase on Sundays for the 325 service.

342 Lazfons/Latzfons: There will now also be an hourly journey on Sundays and public holidays, as well as increased services in the evening hours.
344 Bressanone/Brixen – Tiles/Tils: There will be a service every hour on weekdays and every two hours on Sundays and public holidays.
Further improvements will be made to the 329 Scaleres/Schalders – Varna/Vahrn service by adding two journeys to Scaleres/Schalders and extending the network to Zona Ziegler/Zieglerzone.

Better connections also in and around Chiusa/Klausen

Thanks to the new and direct 345 service, there will now be significantly more buses running between Chiusa/Klausen and Alpe di Villandro/Villanderer Alm: continuous hourly services on Sundays and public holidays, plus an extension of services into the later evening hours.
Additional trips in the evening will be available on the 346 service to Barbiano/Barbian and on the 351 Laion/Lajen – Ortisei/St. Ulrich service, with the latter now also running hourly on Sundays and public holidays.
A new service on Sundays and public holidays will be available on the 338 Gudon/Gufidaun – Chiusa/Klausen route, while the 331 Tiso/Teis – Chiusa/Klausen service will now run every hour in the mornings in a bid to improve the link with train connections at Chiusa/Klausen station.

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