Passengers boarding the train

“Transport bonus” for bus and train passengers

Apply until the end of the year; process underway

Passengers with subscription-based tickets can now claim a state-sponsored so-called “transport bonus” payment worth up to EUR 60. The südtirolmobil team at STA is preparing the implementation process.

Applying: who, when and how

All subscription-ticket holders with a total annual income of less than EUR 35,000 in 2021 are eligible. The payment amounts to a maximum of EUR 60. Eligible users can apply for it through the portal until 31 December 2022 using their SPID digital access key or Electronic Identity Card (CIE).

Please note: Südtirol Passes and other subscription-based tickets for public transport in South Tyrol are annual subscriptions; the transport bonus can only be claimed once per subscription ticket.

Parents or legal guardians of underage children can apply for the bonus on behalf of their children. A separate application must be made for each subscription.

STA to process applications of Südtirol Pass and other subscription-ticket holders

In their application, all applicants must indicate the company where they’d like to redeem the bonus. STA – Strutture Trasporto Alto Adige SpA/ Südtiroler Transportstrukturen AG – will then process any applications submitted by eligible südtirolmobil customers. Those who’d like to use the bonus to pay for their Südtirol Pass or other subscription-based ticket need therefore only select “STA SPA” from the list.

Once the application is submitted, the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies will issue and send each applicant a code for the bonus allocated to them. This code must be redeemed within the month, i.e. used to pay for a subscription with the company specified during the application process.

südtirolmobil: bonus = credit towards your balance

In a bid to make the process transparent and unbureaucratic for our Südtirol Pass and other subscription customers, any bonus payments will be added to your südtirolmobil balance in the form of credit. Please note that the bonus cannot be credited to your bank account.

To allow us to arrange for the payment to be credited to your südtirolmobil account, please use this online form to submit your details including the number of the applicant’s Südtirol Pass or other subscription ticket, their tax ID (codice fiscale/Steuernummer) and the code issued by the Ministry.  Our team will then check the details submitted and charge the credit to the corresponding user account.

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