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Join the team: become a Mobility Monitor!

Update: Registration deadline closed

Want to play an active role in keeping passengers informed? Then join the South Tyrol Mobility Information group (MobIS) on the Telegram messaging app.

We’ve all been there: Your train doesn’t seem to arrive, it’s stuck in the station or stops mid-track somewhere along the route. No one appears to know why, and all you can do is wait. In such situations, the flow of information between train staff, railway control centres and passengers can be rather slow.

südtirolmobil welcomes passenger input

A lot has happened in terms of passenger information services over the last two years: With the newly developed Service and Information Centre, our new website and app, push messaging services and digital networking systems, we have successfully and significantly optimised and accelerated communication with our passengers. And with MobIS, a South Tyrol-wide mobility information network, we are now taking yet another step in linking arms with them: Anyone interested in direct citizen participation can sign up and help speed up communication in case of major delays, cancellations or disruptions especially in rail transport.

Here’s how

If you’re a regular on public transport and especially on regional trains, why not join the MobIS group on Telegram and be the first to alert the südtirolmobil Service and Information Centre to any incidents or disruptions along the route on which you’re travelling? Our information managers will process the reports submitted and complete them with any additional information they may have collected, after which they will be published and updated continuously on our different communication channels – the südtirolmobil web page, app and info monitors.

Our aim is to expand the existing MobIS group with contacts from as many parts of South Tyrol as possible to cover the most important public transport routes thanks to this “direct line” to our passengers.

Interested? E-mail our Service and Information Centre at contact@suedtirolmobil.info (Subject: "MobIS") and let us know around what time and on which routes you will most likely be travelling as a Mobility Monitor. We look forward to hearing from you!

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