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Südtirol Pass business: now also available for associations

With the VAT number requirement gone, clubs and associations can now use Südtirol Pass business tickets, too.

Many locals volunteer at a club, association or other organisation – which typically takes them all over South Tyrol. With the Südtirol Pass business ticket, they can now have their public transport travel expenses directly paid by the association.

Since its launch last year, more than 600 Südtirol Pass business tickets have been issued. Until recently, a VAT number was required in order to obtain one, meaning that it was mainly used by for-profit companies. With the new rules, that is about to change.

Eco-friendly travel for clubs and associations

Companies, businesses and now also clubs and associations as well as a number of other organisations can now order one or more Südtirol Pass business tickets for their employees or members online at this website.

Much like a standard Südtirol Pass, the business variant can be used on all means of public transport in South Tyrol. The only differences:

  • Südtirol Pass business tickets are not personalised: They are issued to a company or association and can be used by different people – but not by several people on the same journey.
  • All journeys by bus and train within the südtirolmobil network are charged a fixed rate of 12 cents per km that remains the same throughout the whole year.
  • Südtirol Pass business tickets are issued exclusively as post-paid contracts using SEPA Direct Debit. Travel expenses are debited directly from the indicated bank account at regular intervals, and invoices are delivered automatically through the official SDI system.

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