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Commuter compensation scheme

Online application process open until 31 March

Every year, passengers who have no or only very inconvenient bus and train connections on their way to and from work can apply for a travel subsidy.

Until 31 March 2023, commuters can ask for a contribution towards any expenses incurred in 2022 for journeys to and from work. Online applications can be submitted to the Provincial Government’s Mobility Department using the applicant’s SPID digital access key, Electronic Identity Card (CIE) or activated Carta dei Servizi/Bürgerkarte pass and reader.

Towards more equal opportunities in the choice of workplace

The aim is to provide a small contribution for all commuters who rely on their car because their work hours or the route to and from work make it difficult or impossible to use public transport. At its core, the commuter compensation scheme was designed to offer financial support especially for people living in rural and remote areas or working shifts – and, as a consequence, contribute to creating more equal opportunities when choosing a workplace, South Tyrol Mobility Minister Alfreider explained.

Last year, over 5,000 applications were submitted. With some EUR three million earmarked for this purpose by the Province, the average pay-out per person amounted to around EUR 610.

Longer journeys and waiting times a prerequisite for claiming compensation

Employees who travel more than 18 km per trip between their home and their workplace on at least 120 days per year, on a route where no regular public service runs at least every half hour, are eligible for the compensation scheme. Additional criteria apply, too, including if the distance to the nearest bus stop is more than ten kilometres, if work hours are incompatible with bus and train departure times and if long waiting times cannot be avoided.

No contribution is granted to applicants whose total gross income exceeds EUR 50,000 per year or who use a free company car. Contributions under EUR 200 are also not paid out.

For more information and a detailed list of requirements, please visit Mobile Ticketing

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