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Bus timetables for 2024

Check “your” lines together with us

It’s time once again for a preview of next year’s bus schedules – and for a chance to e-mail us your suggestions.

With bus connections throughout South Tyrol significantly increased and expanded only last December, there won’t be too many novelties this time round. Nevertheless, as every year, we are counting on your valuable feedback to help us scrutinise and fine-tune our bus schedules before they come into effect. Click here for a quick preview.

2024 timetables: sneak a quick peek!

Sometimes, every minute counts – especially for commuters, schoolchildren, students and frequent travellers. So be sure to look closely: Are there any – even if only minor – changes to your connection that could turn out to be a problem? Are the allocated journey times on your route a bit of a squeeze? Can you spot any connections that do not match smoothly? Then please e-mail us your issue by 7 May: 2024@suedtirolmobil.info

Citizens participate directly

This annual initiative gives you, our passengers, a chance to help shape timetables, check departure times and connections for their user-friendliness and point out any inconsistencies or gaps. We then carefully study the input received and integrate all viable requests into our timetable planning to the greatest possible extent.

Facts and figures

Initiatives to have citizens directly participate in timetable planning procedures are common throughout Europe. In South Tyrol, the provincial government decided to introduce the process a few years ago – with considerable success: Every year, the South Tyrol Department of Passenger Transport receives hundreds of e-mails containing suggestions on a number of bus routes and rail lines, many of which have since been integrated into the system or are earmarked for future incorporation.

Please note that amendments to train timetables typically require considerable time, which is why their suitability for citizen participation-based procedures is only limited.

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