Bozen/Bolzano-Meran/Merano railway line: major infrastructure works

Closed from 17 June to 16 July

This summer, the infrastructure manager RFI (Rete Ferroviaria Italiana) has planned extensive work on the Bozen/Bolzano-Meran /Merano line to install the European Train Control System (ETCS). The structural implementation of this tool is an essential step to improve the efficiency of the circulation of trains with reduced hourly frequencies and, consequently, to increase the safety of the entire railway line.

This type of work will therefore involve the complete closure of the railway line on the Bozen/Bolzano-Meran/Merano line between Monday 17 June 2024 and Tuesday 16 July 2024.

Replacement bus service

There will be a replacement bus service every half hour during the work on the line. At least two buses depart at the same time:

  • Express bus B200 from Bozen/Bolzano station (platform F, Rittner Straße/Via Renon) via MeBo to Meran/Merano station (platform Z, underpass) and back. Only the following intermediate stops will be served by replacement buses: Bozen Süd-Messe/Bolzano Sud-Fiera and Burgstall/Lana-Postal station. For safety reasons, standing in the bus is not permitted;

  • Substitute bus B200 connects Bozen/Bolzano station (platform G, Rittner Straße/Via Renon) with Meran/Merano station (platform Z, underpass) and vice versa. The B200 bus only serves the main bus stops in each village and does not stop at any of the following railway stations: Siebeneich-Schule/Settequerce-Scuola, Terlan-Schule/Terlano-Scuola, Vilpian-Dorf/Vilpiano-Paese, Gargazon-Dorf/Gargazzone-Paese, Lana-Burgstall Tourismusbüro/Lana-Postal Ufficio turistico, Meran-Therme/Merano-Terme.

In Bolzano the B200 buses also stop at the Longonstraße/Via Longon stop on Freiheitsstraße/Corso Libertà and at the hospital stop. Departures from intermediate stops may be delayed due to the longer journey times of the buses.

Replacement bus service - B200

Another alternative is the 201 Bozen/Bolzano - Meran/Merano bus service. Train tickets will also be accepted on the 201 buses for the duration of the closure.

Bike transport - Not allowed on replacement buses.

Information for people with reduced mobility HERE

Further details on Live Updates.




STA/Manuela Tessaro

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