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2023 transport bonus

Apply until the end of the year; lower income limits

State-sponsored relief payments towards public mobility subscriptions are back, but only for those with an annual income of up to EUR 20,000. Applications are now open.

Applying: who, when and how

While last year’s limit was set at EUR 35,000, this year only subscription-ticket holders with a maximum annual income of EUR 20,000 in 2022 are eligible. The payment amounts to a maximum of EUR 60 per person. Eligible users can apply for it through the portal until 31 December 2023 using their SPID digital access key or Electronic Identity Card (CIE). Please note that the payment is only available as long as funds last.

Parents or legal guardians of underage children can apply for the payment on behalf of their children. A separate application must be made for each subscription ticket.

Please note: The bonus can only be applied for once per validity period of the respective subscription ticket. Südtirol Pass and other südtirolmobil subscription tickets are valid for one year. This means that if you’ve already applied for a transport bonus with your Südtirol Pass or any other südtirolmobil subscription ticket in the previous year, this year you can only re-apply after the annual renewal of your ticket.


sta to process applications of Südtirol Pass and other subscription-ticket holders

During the online application process, please select the company where you plan to redeem your bonus from the list available: As a Südtirol Pass holder, simply pick “sta – Strutture Trasporto Alto Adige SpA/Südtiroler Transportstrukturen AG”, as we will handle all further processing of applications submitted in South Tyrol.

Once you’ve entered your application, a code will be assigned to you with which the bonus can be redeemed.

To allow us to arrange for the payment to be credited to your südtirolmobil account, please use this online form to submit your details including the number of the applicant’s Südtirol Pass or other subscription ticket, their tax ID (codice fiscale/Steuernummer) and the code issued by the Ministry. Our team will then check the details submitted and charge the credit to the corresponding user account.

How it works

All bonus payments will be added to your südtirolmobil balance in the form of credit. Please note that the payment cannot be credited to your bank account.

  • Südtirol Pass on a post-paid contract using SEPA Direct Debit: The payment will be added to your user account in the form of credit towards your balance.
  • Südtirol Pass on a pre-paid contract: The payment will be credited directly to your ticket.
  • Südtirol Pass abo+ and 65+: The payment will be credited to your user account and go towards your next annual fee.

To find out whether you’re already received your transport bonus payment, go to Contracts > Movements in your user account a few days after submitting your details.

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