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Südtirol Pass free

Accessibility for all: people with disabilities travel free of charge

Südtirol Pass free tickets are personalised, annual smart cards or electronic tickets that can be used to travel free of charge on public transport in all of South Tyrol and on regional trains all the way to Trento.

Who is eligible for a Südtirol Pass free? You can apply if you are a resident of South Tyrol and

  • are deaf,
  • have a disability of 74% or higher,
  • your impairment is equivalent to a 100% degree of disability as outlined in the Provincial Government's Resolution No. 3755 of 9 October 2000, or
  • have a long-term physical impairment that has an adverse effect on your ability to validate your ticket by yourself.

This also applies to all Italian citizens who live abroad and are registered in the A.I.R.E.(register of Italians living abroad) of a South Tyrolean municipality.

Please note that Südtirol Pass free tickets cannot be used to transport bikes or pets and are not valid on long-distance or high-speed rail services, on cross-border train services (Brennero/Brenner – Innsbruck and San Candido/Innichen or Versciaco/Vierschach – Lienz) and on Nightliner bus services.

Check-in rules and exceptionsChevron

In order to validate and use your ticket, remember to check in your Südtirol Pass free at the start of each journey using one of the blue ticket validation machines on the bus or at the train station. If you are travelling on directly connecting trains, there's no need to check in a second time at the station where you change trains.

Please note that only passengers who have indicated in their application form that they are unable to validate their ticket by themselves are exempt from the obligation to validate (check in) their Südtirol Pass free. The tickets of passengers who are exempt from this rule are marked with an asterisk on the front.

How to apply for a Südtirol Pass freeChevron

To apply to use public transport free of charge, simply download the form below (available in German or Italian), fill it in and either e-mail it to or take it to any südtirolmobil sales point. The ticket itself is free; replacement tickets can be ordered at the price of 20 EUR.

Download form

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