A regional train at Bolzano/Bozen train station

Train services temporarily suspended

Bolzano/Bozen: disruptions between Merano/Meran and Trento

This coming weekend, the railway tracks between Bolzano/Bozen and Merano/Meran as well as between Bolzano/Bozen and Trento will be temporarily closed for construction and maintenance works.

Bolzano/Bozen – Trento: Services will be suspended on two Saturday nights in February: from 19:30 on Saturday night to 7:30 on Sunday morning both from 11 to 12 February and from 25 to 26 February. The reason for the closure is preparatory work to restructure the railway bridge in Mezzocorona.

Rail replacement services: The trains running between Bolzano/Bozen and Trento (in both directions) on late Saturday evening and early Sunday morning will be replaced by buses with the number B100. Please note:

  • The replacement buses depart at different times than the trains and have significantly longer journey times.
  • Instead of the RV 3848 regional express service, there will be a bus service for the entire journey between Trento and Brennero/Brenner.
  • The replacement buses will stop at all the stations scheduled for the trains to stop – with the following exception: In Lavis, the buses will stop at Lavis FTM station (serving the Trento-Malè-Mezzana train line).


Merano/Meran railway line: maintenance works on Sunday

Trains running between Bolzano/Bozen and Merano/Meran will be suspended on Sunday 12 February from 9:00 to 15:00 for inspection and maintenance works.

Rail replacement services: Replacement bus services with the number B200 will depart every hour: from Bolzano/Bozen at :02 minutes past the hour, and from Merano/Meran at :06 minutes past the hour.

For each departure, there will be two simultaneous services: one travelling along the MeBo highway, calling only at the train stations in Bolzano/Bozen, Maia Bassa/Untermais and Merano/Meran. As is compulsory for buses travelling on motorways, standing is not allowed on these services.

The second service will only call at the following stops: Bolzano/Bozen train station (bus platform A), Ponte d’Adige/Sigmundskron train station, Settequerce Scuola/Siebeneich Schule, Terlano/Terlan train station, Vilpiano/Vilpian train station, Gargazzone Paese/Gargazon Dorf, Lana-Postal/Lana-Burgstall train station, Maia Bassa/Untermais train station and Merano/Meran train station (platform Z at the subway exit). Please note that it is not possible to carry bikes on replacement buses. 

Passengers can of course also use the regular 201 bus service between Bolzano/Bozen and Merano/Meran, which on Sundays runs every hour.


Rail replacement services departure times

B100 on 11/02/2023

B100 on 12/02/2023

B200 on 12/02/2023

Notice for passengers with reduced mobility

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