A Südtirol Pass and a new ticket validation machine

Südtirol Pass

No more issue fees from 1 June

Great news for passengers applying for a Südtirol Pass or Euregio Family Pass in the near future: The one-time EUR 20 card-issue fee will soon be scrapped.

In other words, getting a Südtirol Pass will be worth it starting with your very first journey bus or train! And there’s more: The subscription is a great and easy way to always have a valid ticket on you – for added convenience on all your future journeys using public transport in South Tyrol.

The decision to get rid of the issue fee for Südtirol Pass, Euregio Family Pass, Südtirol Pass business and Summer abo+ subscriptions was made by the Provincial Government following a recommendation by South Tyrol Mobility Minister Alfreider. In a bid to make Südtirol Pass subscriptions more accessible to a wider range of passengers and create an additional incentive to use public transport, it will apply from 1 June 2023.

Südtirol Pass: much better than pre-paid cards

With the issue fee gone, Südtirol Pass and Euregio Family Pass tickets will be an excellent alternative to pre-paid cards. As buses across South Tyrol – and soon railway stations, too – are gradually being equipped with an all-new ticketing system, the long-serving magnetic stripe pre-paid cards are increasingly becoming outdated and will therefore soon have to be discontinued.

What remains in place is the EUR 20 fee for issuing duplicates and the annual subscription fee for Südtirol Pass abo+ and Südtirol Pass 65+ tickets.

What else is new in public mobility

In its recent decision, the Provincial Government also included some amendments regarding the free use of public transport by members of law enforcement and the armed forces and banned the use of e-cigarettes on all means of public transport across South Tyrol.

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