The bus station in Bolzano/Bozen

Some changes to bus stops

Bolzano/Bozen bus station and train station forecourt: what's new

Bolzano/Bozen bus station: From 6 February, the bus platform names and the stops of some lines will change.

A, B, C and D: That’s what the bus platforms at Bolzano/Bozen bus station will be called from Monday 6 February – in a bid to introduce uniform naming at all bus stops that are part of major transport hubs throughout South Tyrol, not just in terms of data systems and online timetable information, but also for signage purposes. For example, the different stopping locations outside Bolzano/Bozen train station and at the new bus station near Brunico/Bruneck train station are all marked with letters. Now, this concept will also be applied to future mobility centres and bus stops. Similarly, the previous bus stop designations at Bolzano/Bozen bus station – N1, N2, S1 and S2 – are now a thing of the past.

New stop locations for some bus lines

From 6 February, some buses at Bolzano/Bozen bus station will stop at a new location – in an effort to improve traffic flow for the 15 different bus lines using the station and to make the entry and exit of vehicles more efficient. These are the newly allocated stopping points:

Platform A: lines 170, 180, 181

Platform B: lines 165, 182, 184, 185

Platform C: lines 120, 132, 136, 204, 350

Platform D: lines 150, 156, 183


Bus stops clearly marked and in new style

In central Bolzano/Bozen, the sign-posting at all bus stops and platforms around the train station will also be completely renewed over the course of these next few days. That includes the train station forecourt, the bus station, Via Renon/Rittner Straße and the Renon/Ritten cable-car valley station. Not only will the bus stops receive a makeover, they will also be equipped with new displays for timetables and detailed maps. The aim is to provide passengers with a better overview, as the train station forecourt with its seven different bus platforms is typically a bustling hub of almost 30 bus lines.


Click here for a map of all bus stops

Bolzano/Bozen station forecourt

Bolzano/Bozen bus station

Renon/Ritten cable-car valley station

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