Some regional buses

No ticket validation machines on some buses

One-Way-Tickets introduced as a workaround

Single tickets (EUR 2.50) will now be available on board a number of individual buses.

With the reorganisation of extra-urban bus services that started on 14 November and will continue in mid-December, some bus routes are currently served by vehicles that are not equipped with on-board ticket validation machines – but only during a transitional period of a few months: In 2022, a whole new ticketing system will be launched, which will also see the introduction of novel validation devices with new technical standards.

Additional ticketing option: One-Way-Tickets

To provide a temporary solution for this transitional phase, the Provincial Government of South Tyrol has now decided to introduce a so-called “One-Way-Ticket”: a fixed-price, single-fare ticket that costs EUR 2.50 euros per journey, regardless of its duration or the number of kilometres travelled. These One-Way-Tickets can be issued by the bus drivers in certain cases, but remember: Südtirol Pass and Euregio Family Pass holders can now check in to validate their journey by bus or train from their smartphone. Südtirol Pass abo+, 65+ and free tickets as well as Mobilcards and Guest Passes must simply be shown upon request. Passengers who do not have one of those options can now purchase a single ticket from the bus driver at the price of EUR 2.50.

Affected bus routes marked accordingly

Currently, a total of six routes are occasionally served by buses without on-board ticket validation machines:

•           120 Salorno/Salurn – Bolzano/Bozen

•           132 Caldaro/Kaltern – Bolzano/Bozen

•           133 Bassa Atesina/Unterland – Oltradige/Überetsch – Bolzano/Bozen (school-run services)

•           237 Merano/Meran – Lagundo/Algund – Plars di Sopra/Oberplars

•           244 Lauregno/Deutschnonsberg – Val d’Ultimo/Ulten

•           246 Fondo – Passo Palade/Gampenpass – Merano/Meran

From 12 December 2021, the day on which the winter timetables become effective, more bus routes are likely to be affected. Signs with further information will be put up on all buses and stops in question.

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