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New: Journey planner widget for your website

Your direct link to südtirolmobil and public transport

With our journey planner widget, you can now conveniently add timetable enquiries to any website – thanks to a window that is directly linked to the südtirolmobil mobility portal.

What is the best way for holidaymakers to travel to your business or town by bus and train? What environmentally friendly options are available in South Tyrol for those wanting to get out and about the green way? If you’d like to recommend public transport services to your users, customers and guests, you can now do so by simply inserting a timetable widget into your website. This small add-on will direct the user to the official bus and train timetables for all of South Tyrol, plus any information they might need about public and sustainable mobility.

Sustainability and public mobility are key

“A number of companies, organisations and institutions, especially those working in tourism, have asked us for such a widget: a clear indicator that accessibility and sustainability are key factors in South Tyrol and that public mobility is a top priority,” as Patrick Dejaco, Head of Information Systems at STA, explained.

Handy helpers: route-enabled maps

From the “Contact us” section of this website, the widget can be copied, integrated into any other website and adapted for a perfect fit: for example by pre-setting your address as the starting point or destination for any online timetable searches. This provides users with quick and detailed information on where the nearest train station or bus stop is located or what the best way is to get to your address by public transport from anywhere in South Tyrol – including walking routes.

The widget also features a clear and convenient map view that outlines the full route to or from any location, which can be particularly helpful for anyone who’s new to the area. For added convenience, several different maps are available on the südtirolmobil mobility portal – always with a focus on what’s on offer in terms of facilities and services for sustainable public transport throughout South Tyrol.

Receive push notifications

Receive notifications for your preferred stops, routes and lines. These settings can be deactivated at any time in your browser.