My timetable booklet for 2022

Easy to make and tailored to your needs

If you prefer to check your departure and arrival times on paper, on our website you’ll find everything you need to put together your very own timetable booklet.

The official südtirolmobil timetable booklets are normally printed once every year. The downside: It’s no secret that bus and train timetables are a bit of a “permanent construction site”. Typically, they need to be revised continuously and adapted to the passengers’ needs and requirements. Especially in early 2022, following the reorganisation of regional bus services, the timetables for a number of different districts will have to be adapted gradually. As a consequence, most paper-based timetable booklets would already be inaccurate and obsolete shortly after being printed.

A better alternative: You can use this website to create your very own, up-to-date and customised timetable booklet. Simply go to “Personalised timetables” in the menu “Timetables” for all the latest, up-to-date bus and train departure and arrival times in PDF format. You can download and print the timetables relevant to you both individually and as a bundle: a timetable booklet tailored to your exact needs.

Here’s how:

In the menu, visit the “Timetables”  section to create a customised set of departure and arrival times:

  • Select “Personalised timetables” in the top right-hand corner of the list.
  • From the list, pick your train lines/bus routes and select them by clicking on “add”.
  • Click on “Download”.
  • Your customised set of timetables will automatically be bundled into A4 PDFs.
  • Now all you need to do is print and staple or clip them together.

The result: A tailor-made booklet containing every bus route and/or train line that’s relevant to you – which can be updated or re-printed at any time.

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