Metrobus: traffic light system tests under way

Trial phase about to begin – caution is advised

These days, a new traffic light system is being tested along the Metrobus route in Appiano/Eppan and Caldaro/Kaltern. South Tyrol Minister for Mobility Daniel Alfreider has issued an appeal for all road users to be extra vigilant.

A set of innovative traffic lights have been installed for the Metrobus line at a total of four stops: In Appiano/Eppan, they can be found at the road junction going towards San Paolo/St. Pauls, at Appiano/Eppan Station and at Ganda di Sotto/Untere Gand. In Caldaro/Kaltern, they are located at Pianizza di Sotto/Unterplanitzing. At Caldaro/Kaltern Station, the system will be installed over the course of the next few weeks and then enter the test phase.

“These innovative traffic light systems, a series of preferential lanes in central Bolzano/Bozen and new stopping bays are the core elements of the Metrobus concept, which is currently being implemented step by step together with local councils in the Oltradige/Überetsch region,” the Minister explained. Thanks to the Metrobus concept, buses serving the Oltradige/Überetsch region will benefit from a far-reaching preference over individual car traffic, Alfreider continued, which will directly translate into added quality for sustainable public mobility in South Tyrol.

The test phase for the traffic light systems will be launched shortly and last a few weeks. All tests and technical fine-tuning of the traffic lights will be carried out both with and without buses, meaning that increased vigilance will be required from motorists and anyone else using those roads: Even if the traffic lights are only activated as part of the trial, all road users must stop whenever the lights turn red.

The new traffic lights are scheduled to go live permanently in the autumn of 2021. A huge leap towards a key goal: green lights all-around for the Oltradige/Überetsch Express and full steam ahead for public mobility in Bolzano/Bozen and far beyond.

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