Keeping you on the move. At a safe distance and with the help of masks

80% of seats may be occupied

As of today, public transport may only be occupied to a maximum of 80% of each vehicle's total capacity. Covering both your nose and your mouth remains mandatory. The new rules are specifications issued by the government of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano/Bozen-South Tyrol as part of a set of measures to curb the spread of coronavirus.

On buses and trains all over South Tyrol, 80% of the designated seats and standing room may be used until further notice. According to the guidelines, using 100% of the capacity of public-transport vehicles is only admissible if passengers do not spend more than 15 minutes on board, if an officially approved ventilation system with air exchange and air filters is available or in emergency situations. The 80% capacity rule also applies to cable cars and ski lifts with closed gondolas.

On most lines, the restrictions should not pose too much of a problem for the time being: Thanks to smart- and remote working, online tuition and staggered admission times at many schools, in recent weeks bus and train passenger numbers in South Tyrol were down by about one third compared to the same period last year.

Passengers are still required to completely cover their nose and mouth. Only pre-school children and persons equipped with a medical certificate are exempt from having to use protective masks or face coverings.

Due to the health emergency, restrictions are also in place on Nightliner bus services: The last service must depart before the curfew prescribed for public places.

In any case, according to Regional Minister Daniel Alfreider, a safe distance must be maintained at all times, and crowds of people must be avoided both on public transport and in the waiting areas. The Minister for mobility also repeated his appeal to the individual responsibility of all those who continue to use public transport: "All our safety regulations are mandatory and must be observed. Only if we are considerate towards each other can we stop people from getting infected".

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