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FFP2/N95 mask: YES, Green Pass: NO

Covid-19: measures on public transport to be lifted gradually

From Friday 01 April 2022, the official guidance for travelling safely on public transport will gradually be relaxed: Green Pass certificates will no longer be compulsory, but FFP2/N95 masks will continue to be mandatory.

In a bid to contain the coronavirus pandemic, from December 2021 all passengers using public transport were required to carry a valid Green Pass – i.e. official proof of being Covid-free. In January 2022, the safety measures were tightened to include a so-called Super Green Pass (proof of vaccination or recent recovery). As a result, public transport in South Tyrol could only be used by passengers with valid proof that they had either been vaccinated against SARS‑CoV‑2 or recently recovered from Covid-19. An exception was made for children under the age of 12 and for young people travelling only to and from school.

As of 01 April 2022, passengers will now no longer need a Green Pass to travel on regional trains and buses. For journeys on trains travelling between different regions of Italy (i.e. trains classified as RV or regionale veloce) and on long-distance trains and buses, however, the obligation to carry a “standard” Green Pass (i.e. proof of being vaccinated, recently recovered or in possession of a negative test result; also known as the 3G rule) is expected to remain in force until 30 April.

FFP2/N95 masks still mandatory

Another rule that looks set to remain in force on all means of public transport is the obligation to wear an FFP2 or N95 mask, which offers effective protection against the coronavirus.

On 01 April 2022, the passenger capacity limits on buses and trains will be lifted; cable cars and funiculars, however, will still be limited to 80% capacity.

Please continue to be careful!

We would like to once again urge our passengers to continue to be mindful: Please take care and help us do everything possible to protect ourselves and others from contracting the virus.

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