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Extra buses to ring in the school year

Buses and trains: compulsory masks and 80% passenger density

All school-run services will be flexible and adapted continuously according to demand. For up-to-date online timetables, stay tuned with südtirolmobil.

Every autumn, organising the start of the school year is a particular challenge for public mobility: Thousands of children and young people need to travel to and from their classroom, with numbers and hours varying for each individual educational institution.

This year’s Coronavirus safety measures require public transport to be used to a maximum of only 80% of its capacity. “We are therefore going to provide around 80 additional buses for pupils and students throughout South Tyrol. In addition, improvements will be made without delay wherever necessary”, South Tyrol Minister for Mobility Daniel Alfreider explained, who strongly encourages both students and parents to use the südtirolmobil app: “Our online timetables and any info on school-related services are updated on a continuous basis: They are always up to speed. That way, we can flexibly adjust the bus departures aimed at pupils and students at any time, while any normal, timetable-based journeys remain unaffected,” the Minister continued. Unlike last year, the additional buses can be used by all passengers and will not serve special routes. School-run journeys can only be viewed online: in the app and on the südtirolmobil website. Because all school-related services are continuously adapted to fluctuating demand, they are not featured on timetable print-outs and notices at bus stops or in printed timetable booklets.

Buses and trains: compulsory masks and 80% passenger density

All passengers aged 6 and over are required to wear a surgical mask on public transport throughout South Tyrol. This also applies to school buses and any other school-related transport services. The recommendation to use an FFP2 mask remains in place. Buses and trains may still be used to a maximum of 80% of the permitted capacity. For regional buses, for example, this means that all seats can be occupied; in addition, the standing room may be used until the capacity limit of 80% is reached. On articulated or urban buses, that can be more than 50 standing passengers.

Trains: working from home = fewer passengers

The 80% capacity limit also applies to regional trains. “We are not in a position to provide additional trains,” Alfreider warned. However, since many people still work from home, and in some cases several times a week, at the moment the number of daily commuters remains significantly below the levels recorded in 2019 – even on trains.

On particularly busy days, key areas affected such as the Venosta/Vinschgau valley will be served by additional buses.

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