Departure times for 2023

The first ones are already out

With the new timetables coming into force on 11 December 2022, the first updates are already available on this website.

Every year, the winter timetables for buses and trains come into effect on the second Sunday of December. But if you’re curious already, you can access a preview on this website. A large part of the new timetables for 2023 are already online, and the remaining ones will follow step by step over the course of the coming days.

This much is set in stone: The upcoming timetable change will see both suggestions from passengers and more specifications of the provincial government’s new Mobility Plan implemented. Among other things, the plans include a significant addition of bus services in some peripheries, services increased to an hourly frequency where this is not yet the case, improved connections and additional public transport connections provided especially in the evenings and on weekends.

Against the backdrop of a continuing shortage of public transport staff, enhancing our timetables is currently presenting us with a very particular challenge indeed. In spite of this difficulty, the team at the Department of Passenger Transport – in coordination with the bus companies – has successfully integrated several improvements into next year’s timetables.

Stay tuned: More information will follow shortly.

Timetables 2023

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