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Coronavirus: live timetable adjustments

No school trips from 16 November 2020! Please use our online timetable updates to stay up to speed

Coronavirus continues to keep the südtirolmobil timetable planning team on their toes: In recent months, public transport services and, as a consequence, the südtirolmobil timetables have had to be revised and adapted dozens of times to meet the official public health requirements.

Since all schools will be closed until further notice from Monday 16 November, there will be no school bus services from that date. The cancellations affect all journeys marked with the letter “S” (for school-run) in the official timetables, since those services are additional journeys typically provided only on school days. How things develop in the following week depends entirely on how the current Covid-19 infection rates evolve.

For all the latest information on timetables and changes, we strongly recommend using our live online timetable search: either on this website or in the südtirolmobil app. In light of the sheer quantity such short-notice changes and adjustments, we cannot continuously update the printed timetables at all bus stops and train stations. Please note that this applies both to the current PDF timetables available to download on our website and to any timetables and notices at bus stops. As we constantly feed any new changes into our data systems, the südtirolmobil online timetables are the only way to always be up-to-date on the latest developments.

In his latest statement, Regional Minister for Mobility Daniel Alfreider once more repeated his appeal to all citizens of South Tyrol: “In order to ensure that we can continue to provide key services that are of systemic importance, it is crucial that anyone who does not have the possibility to work from home can safely get to and from work. In addition, anyone needing to travel for health reasons or other urgent needs and all pupils who are entitled to in-classroom tuition can continue to use public transport.” The rules, however, are clear: All passengers are strictly required to completely cover their nose and mouth both at bus stops or train stations and while on board any means of public transport. Furthermore, all passengers must comply with the official hygiene guidelines, keep a safe distance to others and carry a valid ticket, the Regional Minister continued. Peak hours should be avoided wherever possible. Until further notice, the number of admissible passengers on public transport buses and trains will remain limited to 50% of each vehicle's total capacity.

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