Commuter bonus 2022

Compensation for delayed regional trains

More than 5,500 users will receive this year's commuter bonus to compensate for delays and cancellations in 2022 on routes served by regional trains.

How does the commuter bonus work?

In the event of repeated delays and cancellations of trains, the railway contracts provide for penalties to be paid by the operators providing the railway service. In the case of the Province of Bolzano/Bozen, part of the monthly penalties is then used to finance the commuter bonus provided for in the Trenitalia and SAD service contracts.

Who is entitled to it?

The bonus is paid to commuters who regularly travel on trains operated by the local railway companies Trenitalia and SAD and is valid for the months in which they have made at least 30 train journeys with the Südtirol Pass or Euregio Family Pass.

Travellers with a Südtirol Pass or Euregio Family Pass will receive the credit on 22 April 2024. The amount will be added to the remaining balance (for pre-paid cards) or booked as a credit and deducted from the next Südtirol Pass invoice. 

How much is the bonus?

The maximum amount of the bonus is 65 EUR. In total, 5,502 users will benefit from the commuter bonus 2022, for a total value of 284,845 EUR.





STA/Manuela Tessaro

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