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Brand-new südtirolmobil Service and Information Centre

From January 2021, it’s full steam ahead for the new südtirolmobil Service and Information Centre – the latest hub for passenger-related information, complaints management in public transport and anything to do with Südtirol Pass and other ticketing matters.

Südtirol Takt, Südtirol Bahn, Südtirol Pass – those were major public transport milestones in recent years. Now, südtirolmobil has taken over the reins as the crucial element that unites and links public mobility in all of South Tyrol. And with its brand-new Service and Information Centre, it brings together a whole range of previously outsourced customer services – under one roof and in a coordinated, unified structure. 

Located in Via Catinaccio/Rosengartenstraße near the bus station in central Bolzano/Bozen, the new office is run by the STA (Strutture Trasporto Alto Adige SpA/Südtiroler Transportstrukturen AG). It serves as a key place of reference for public transport users by engaging in a constant and direct exchange with passengers and Südtirol Pass holders thanks to its close-knit cooperation with the mobility department of the South Tyrolean government, the traffic information office (Centrale Viabilità/Verkehrsmeldezentrale), the authorities and all public mobility partners and transport operators. In doing so, it provides live traffic updates, manages public transport-related digital information and – in its endeavours to resolve any issues that bus and rail passengers or Südtirol Pass holders many have as smoothly as possible – serves as a direct point of contact for customers. 

New contact information:

+39 0471 220 880 – option 1: 
Public mobility call centre (Centrale Viabilità/Verkehrsmeldezentrale): live traffic updates and general information on public-transport timetables and tickets

+39 0471 220 880 – option 2:
Südtirol Pass service desk (südtirolmobil Service and Information Centre): services and info for Südtirol Pass holders and other subscription-based public-transport tickets

The service hotlines previously in use (840 000 471 and 840 000 426) will be redirected to the new number for the duration of a few weeks.

For suggestions, feedback and complaints regarding public mobility, you can e-mail us at or use our form and we will forward your message or query to the departments in question.

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