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Nightliner online ticket

Buy your Nightliner ticket online

Digital tickets now available in the südtirolmobil ticket shop

Tickets for Nightliner buses and shuttle services can now be bought and checked in online – without the need to register or choose a journey in advance.

With the all-new Nightliner ticket range, südtirolmobil is about to enter a new era: They are the very first tickets to be digitally available on the südtirolmobil app.  This means that passengers without a Südtirol Pass or abo+ can use their smartphone to buy any of the three ticket types for Nightliner services and check in online before starting their journey without having to register first. 

After the launch of online check-in for Südtirol Pass tickets last autumn, südtirolmobil is now taking another step towards a more mobile system – by making an ever-wider range of electronic tickets available from this autumn.

How to buy your ticket

In the südtirolmobil app, select the lilac icon to go to the ticket shop. Then choose from an initial range of three ticket options:

  • single Nightliner journey on any of the main lines,
  • all-night pass for Nightliner services,
  • single Nightliner journey on any of the shuttle services.

State your name and how many tickets you need, then enter your credit card details to pay.

How to check in

Once the purchase is complete, the digital ticket can be found in the ticket overview (“Ticket” icon). Before starting your journey, remember to check in and validate your Nightliner tickets online by clicking on the “Check in now” button. From that moment, the ticket will be displayed as “active” and you can board the Nightliner service. If you are using a night pass, you only need to check in once before your first journey.

To show your “active journey” – when boarding or at the request of a member of staff – click on the lilac barcode icon and then the blue “Check validity” button. A green frame and the status “active journey” indicating the time of check-in mean that your Nightliner ticket is valid.

“Normal” tickets still available

Standard printed tickets for any of the main Nightliner lines as well as all-night passes will still be available on all buses and from ticket machines. Single tickets for shuttle services, on the other hand, can only be bought online in the südtirolmobil ticket shop.

Receive push notifications

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