Bus stop with digital passenger information

Bus stops: digital displays will gradually return

Now with new software and, in some cases, real-time data

After some extensive maintenance work, the digital displays at bus stops across South Tyrol are now gradually being put back into operation. All LED bus stop displays have been updated with new software, and now some 260 of them show real-time information – provided that the vehicle displayed is capable of transmitting live data.

Here’s how to tell which arrival or departure times are shown in real time:

On the small displays, a flashing dot indicates real-time information. That way, passengers can see within how many minutes – including any delays – any given bus is expected to arrive. If there is no flashing dot next to the displayed minutes, the information is based on the scheduled departure: This means that no real-time data is available for that service.

On the large displays listing several services, real-time info is easily recognised, too: A countdown of minutes shows when each bus will arrive. If, on the other hand, only a time indication is displayed next to a service (e.g. 12:15), then that information refers to the scheduled departure and not live data.

Good to know: In order for real-time data to be displayed at the bus stops, the individual buses must be equipped with the required technology and connected to the central data system. This is currently not the case with all operating bus companies – but following the upcoming re-commissioning of extra-urban bus services and the introduction of a new ITCS system, in the coming year we will continue to make every effort to ensure that real-time data will soon be available on all bus routes throughout South Tyrol.

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