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Bolzano/Bozen and surroundings

Here’s what changes on Sunday 11 December 2022

There will be additional services, better connections and some route changes on selected lines.

Renon/Ritten cable car: Due to high demand, there will be an additional service at 22:15, allowing for a smoother connection with train departures. This service will close the previous timetable gap between 21:48 and 22:45.

Urban line 8 Bolzano/Bozen: There will be additional services between the train station and the hospital until shortly after 23:00. This is to better connect the city centre and the railway station with Viale Druso/Drususstraße and the large residential areas around Bivio Merano/Meraner Kreuzung. N35 evening service: The last three services will be extended to run all the way to the stop called Via Firenze/Florenzstraße located on Via Roma/Romstraße.

201 Bolzano/Bozen – Merano/Meran: Several stops will be added. Bolzano/Bozen: Tribunale/Gericht, Via Vittorio Veneto – Caserma/Vittorio-Veneto-Straße – Kasernen. Merano/Meran: Piazza Teatro/Theaterplatz (when travelling to Bolzano/Bozen) 202: This service will depart a few minutes later from Terlano/Terlan to ensure a smoother connection with lines 201 and 200.

170: There will be additional services later on in the evening, departing from Bressanone/Brixen at 20:07 and from Bolzano/Bozen at 22:10; plus an additional school-run journey from Bolzano/Bozen at 17:25.
135.5 Citybus Caldaro/Kaltern: There will be more journeys to the sports grounds at S. Antonio/St. Anton, while the 135.2 Citybus Appiano/Eppan will now better link the area around Appiano Monte/Eppan Berg instead of Pradonico/Perdonig.
172 Castelrotto/Kastelruth – Ortisei/St. Ulrich: A service will be added on school days, departing at 14:32 and running between Castelrotto/Kastelruth and Passo Pinei/Panidersattel.
180 Bolzano/Bozen – Passo Costalunga/Karerpass – Val di Fassa/Fassatal: Services will terminate at Vigo.
184: In the winter months, this service will no longer run to Passo Oclini/Jochgrimm but terminate at Lavazè.

150: Some morning and evening journeys will now start and end in Campolasta/Astfeld rather than Sarentino/Sarnthein. A service departing from Bolzano/Bozen at 13:19 will now be available on all weekdays.

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