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Don’t have a Südtirol Pass yet? Then apply for one now: From 1 June, they’re issued free of charge.

In the past, being issued a Südtirol Pass, Euregio Family Pass, Südtirol Pass business or Summer abo+ subscription ticket was subject to a one-time fee of EUR 20. As of June 2023, that fee has now been scrapped – thanks to a recent decision by the South Tyrol government.

Bye-bye pre-paid cards, hello Südtirol Pass!

Regardless of whether you use public transport regularly or only rarely, now there’s no longer any reason not to get yourself a Südtirol Pass. Because remember:

  • Travelling on a Südtirol Pass is always cheaper than buying a single ticket – from the very first journey by bus or train. And the more often you travel throughout the year, the lower the fares get.
  • Your Südtirol Pass will be sent to your address free of charge, and you will never need to visit a ticket machine or ticket counter again.
  • Once you have yours, nothing stands in the way of a spontaneous trip by bus or train: You’ll always have a valid ticket in your pocket.
  • Bonus: You no longer need to carry small change for tickets – all fares are conveniently charged through your Südtirol Pass. And for maximum ease, you can select SEPA direct debit as your payment method.
  • Pre-paid cards will soon be a relic of the past: They are no longer compatible with the new validation devices on buses, and from late summer, they will no longer work at train stations, either. If you still have pre-paid cards, we recommend using them now or returning them at any südtirolmobil sales point, where any remaining credit can be paid out.

Convinced? Then fill in the online form and get yourself your very own Südtirol Pass. Have a good trip!

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