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A new chapter: Euregio tickets for university students

Yearly subscription tickets for Tyrol, South Tyrol and Trentino

Available from 01 October 2021: an all-new Euregio ticket granting students a whole year's worth of eco-friendly, flexible travel throughout Tyrol, South Tyrol and Trentino.

Set to be launched in all three parts of the cross-border region on 01 October as a joint initiative, the subscription-based ticket will allow university students flexible use of public transport in all of Tyrol, South Tyrol and Trentino at the price of EUR 430 per year — a "new chapter for the Euroregion and public mobility", to quote South Tyrol Minister for Mobility Daniel Alfreider. 

"One of the key focus points of the Euregio network is a cross-border collaboration towards sustainable mobility", Alfreider continued. After successfully expanding the available train connections, now the next step is to improve the cooperation between different public transport ticketing and information systems, as decided recently in a joint sitting of the three territories' parliaments. 

Well-connected throughout the Euregio network 

This is just the latest among a number of joint initiatives: Several editions of the Euregio Mobility Day, for instance, have long attracted large numbers of passengers keen to explore the neighbouring regions by bus and train. And last year saw the launch of the Euregio 2 Plus day pass, the very first trans-national group ticket allowing two adults and up to three children under the age of 15 to travel throughout all three territories at an all-inclusive price. 

"With this annual pass for anyone attending higher education, the Euregio network has just woven itself together more tightly — a clear signal in favour of cross-border, environmentally conscious mobility. And yet another sustainable way to create a lasting connection between its people, its different languages and, ultimately, different countries", the Minister added. 

Euregio Ticket Students at a glance

The new subscription-based annual pass is available to anyone under the age of 28 who is enrolled at a university or equivalent higher educational institution anywhere in the Euregio territories, i.e. Tyrol, South Tyrol or Trentino. Similarly to the Südtirol Pass abo+ subscription, it can be applied for online at www.suedtirolmobil.info or through the Austrian operator Verkehrsverbund Tirol (VVT). Eligible students who already have a Südtirol Pass abo+ subscription can simply request to be issued a Euregio Ticket Students by paying an additional EUR 280. 

In terms of validity and usage, Euregio passes issued in South Tyrol are subject to the same rules as Südtirol Pass abo+ tickets. In other words: Remember to check in before every journey by bus or train. In Tyrol (A) and in Trentino (I) on the other hand, there's no need to check in, as Euregio student tickets issued in South Tyrol need only be shown at the request of a ticket inspector; only when travelling to South Tyrol by train from Trento, Innsbruck, Sillian and Lienz do you need to check in to validate your ticket. 

For even more convenience, you can activate the optional function to pay for additional services: That way, you can pay for Nightliner bus journeys and for transporting a pet or a bike in South Tyrol with extra ease. 

Anything else related to travelling by bus or train on a Euregio student ticket is generally governed by the transportation rules and guidelines of the operator in charge of the territory you are travelling in: Keep in mind that the rules for taking a pet or bike with you and for using long-distance trains in Trentino and Tyrol may vary accordingly. For more information, please visit this website as well as www.vvt.at for Tyrol (A) and www.trentinotrasporti.it for Trentino.

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