Renon/Ritten light railway

Renon/Ritten light railway: a ticket guide

The narrow-gauge trolley with a widespread appeal

To validate and use a Südtirol Pass, a Euregio Family Pass, a Südtirol Pass abo+, a Südtirol Pass 65+ (provided that you have activated the function to pay for additional services) or a pre-paid card on the Renon/Ritten light railway, remember to enter the code of the station that you are travelling to.

Here they are at a glance:

Code Station
10 L'Assunta/Maria Himmelfahrt
11 Soprabolzano/Oberbozen
12 Linzbach
13 Rinner
14 Costalovara/Wolfsgruben
15 Stella/Lichtenstern
16 Colle Renon/Rapperbühl
17 Ebenhof
18 Weidacher
19 Collalbo/Klobenstein

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