Luggage and more

Suitcases, bags and skis: We'll transport (almost) anything for you.

Transporting luggage and many other items with you on südtirolmobil services is free of charge. That includes bags, suitcases, wheelchairs, prams, buggies or baby strollers, skis, snowboards, sledges or toboggans, folded bicycles and children's bikes (up to 20'').

You are free to travel with any the above items as long as sufficient space is available and other passengers can still use the service safely and without any impairment, for example with regard to the size or number of luggage pieces you plan to bring with you.

Please note that all passengers are responsible for safekeeping their own luggage. Care must be taken to ensure that any luggage transported does not interfere with the journey itself or passenger boarding and alighting, that all doors can be reached safely and without hindrance and that no seats are occupied by luggage and other transported items.

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Accessible travel
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Bring your bike
What to keep in mind when travelling with your own bicycle
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Travelling with a pet
You are free to bring your pet, but passenger safety is our highest priority.
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