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Tax-deductions for subscription fees

How to access your order history for 2020

Money spent on yearly, subscription-based public transport tickets is tax-deductible. For added convenience, südtirolmobil users can now access their order history through their online user account and generate a list of all expenses paid in 2020.

Südtirol Pass, Euregio Family Pass, Südtirol Pass abo+ and Südtirol Pass 65+: In accordance with the government’s budget act no. 160 of 27 December 2019, expenses for subscription-based tickets bought in 2020 are tax-deductible. Please remember that this only applies to payments made with an electronically traceable method of payment (ATM, credit card, online banking etc.).

The expenses can be deducted from this year’s income tax (IRPEF) at a rate of 19% for a maximum of 250 EUR. This total amount includes not just the claimant’s own annual ticket fees but also, where applicable, any annual subscription fees or fares paid for dependent family members. Any Südtirol Pass travel expenses reimbursed by the employer must be deducted from the total amount of the ticket holder's annual expenses.

Click on the button below to generate an overview of all records of subscription-based expenses for the year 2020, regardless of the payment method used. Please note that this list does not replace payment receipts: It is the user’s responsibility to keep all receipts safe and to show them whenever asked to do.

My order history for subscriptions in 2020

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